The World Comes To Life With Interaction

Bill Gates once said, “the best teacher is interactive.” Keeping that in mind it’s safe to say that modern-day technology could prove to be a great teacher for the marketing world. Teaching and making people learn about one’s new marketing techniques through technology is an amazing alternative.

The technology in the modern world has come a long way; it doesn’t stick to large projector screens and LED TVs. We are talking about bringing life to walls and floors with cool technology; we are talking about turning treadmills into scenic locations to run on, we are talking about bringing the virtual world and real-world together.

This evolution in the tech world is known as Interactive solutions. Optimum Technology offers you 4 different Interactive solutions that leave the audience mesmerized and interactively engaged. These 4 solutions are:

Interactive Floors: this tech creates interactive projections that can turn any floor into a type of interactive surface that people can engage with.…


Things are getting more integrated, more comprehensive, much faster and smarter, and superior looking as technology takes big leaps with developments. Technology affects every sector; it also hits the marketing sector. With each big leap, marketing gets more advanced and modernized. Digital signage used for marketing by any business will only be beneficial in the business’s fate. How? Let’s take a look at 7 advantages that proves digital signage is favorable for a business:

1. Digital ads maximize sales: DataTrend presented a report that suggests that due to digital signage solutions increase purchases. The technology acts as a form of direct sales as it educates customers about options that are obtainable from the store, including the ongoing offers. Also, the ads can easily reach the targeted audience.
2. Timing your ads according to the need of the day is possible: it is made easier to run ads accordingly to time, weather, festivals or situations when one uses digital signage as a m…


The maturity level of this digital generation in terms of technology is way higher than one can think of. This advancement has led to people trying to incorporate technology into the ways of marketing. Promoting one’s business through visuals that appear larger than life has become a norm of marketing. How so? Video walls are your answer.

Video walls are the type of installations used in every industry because of this technology is incredibly efficient and durable. Optimum technology has potent video wall solutions in store for each distinct business. These video walls possess a diverse range of displays with varying matrix, brightness, grade, contrast, panels, resolutions, aspect ratio, sizes, technologies, and orientation.

Optimum technology excels in providing customized video wall solutions backed up with high definition resolution and the ultra-narrow bezels. They offer two different sorts of video walls:

SMD LED Video Wall: SMD LED is Surface Mounted Device Light Emitting Diode. W…

The reason why we all love McDonald's

Imagine standing in the drive-thru of McDonald's 10 years earlier for a breakfast meal, you see the employee flipping the menu manually over to lunch a little later than the time of menu change over, so now you cannot have your breakfast meal and it's not even your fault.

Digital Menu Boards eliminate the need to manually flip menus or any other manual work regarding the menu display. McDonald's being an honorable client of Optimum Technology avails the progressive digital menu boards to attract customers and ease its manual workload.

These Digital Menu Boards adapt the menu offerings spontaneously at different times of the day changing according to what the time is. These board systems can also be customized to exhibit your best seller dishes while sustaining branding consistency across multi-location franchises.

McDonald's use these Digital Menu Boards to entertain its customers. These displays outside McDonald's doubtlessly evoke more customers rather than a menu…


Today’s world is surrounded by touch screens. This rising demand is due to the preferences of people, they choose to interact with technology more. Installing such interactive digital technology in your workplace will provide a fast and intuitive interface for users and can greatly simplify customer interactions and transactions.

Interactive digital signage like Multi-touch Table and Touchscreen kiosk are innovative, intuitive, natural, and incredibly collaborative. They help us merge the digital with the physical world. Users do not have to know how to use a computer and can simply touch the display to make selections. No keyboard is required, saving space and complexity. These technology solutions fuse the highest quality commercial HD, 4K, OLED displays, with the best touches technology, and powerful computers, into a stylish All-in-One design that looks beautiful and enhances communication. You can install these digital displays at following localities, such as;

• Retail outlet…

Brighter the View, Better the Revenue

The fashion industry is an ever-expanding and growing niche. All the high fashion clothing brands need exposure to create hype. Brand recognition is important and in the whole process of brand establishment, advertising and promotionare essential since it raises brand awareness.

Top Fashion brands of Pakistan, I.e., Amir Adnan, Kapray, Sana Safinaz, Khadiare prestigious clientele of Optimum Technology who offers best digital signage solutions since it helps to create the immersive environments that build a brand and keep customers coming back for more.

Huge displays exhibit an ambiance that grabs audience attention and promotes a product on a public medium. SMD LED video wall byOptimum Technology is becoming an increasingly popular display solution due to its seamless image, scalability to any size and shape, and excellent optical characteristics that make video wall content look great from any angle since, In the field of advertisement and marketing, people presume “brighter the vi…

Video Walls Are Basic Need of Broadcasting Industry

Public broadcasting makes our nation smarter, stronger and safer. News channels update us with current global affairs. Multimedia industry is legit sustaining on the technology and especially all those big news channels; they require high-quality video walls to broadcast audio or video content.

Optimum Technology has been excelling over the period of time and is offering complete digital displaysolutions. They specially design video walls as per your requirement to meet your needs. Leading News Media Alliance of Pakistan, PTV News, SAMAA, AAJ News, GEO, DUNYA and CITY 42 are current clientele of Optimum Technology.

These Pakistan Satellite news channel provide unbiased coverage, journalistic insight on local & global socio-political events via free live video streaming and to broadcast that news around the nation they need an abundance of video walls and Optimum Technology have never let them down. Especially in the election season all the news channels and civilians are in inte…